Service Charge

Our charging policy is different from other detective agencies, ours are clear and transparent, no unnecessary additional fee will be charged unreasonably. Our clients can solve their problems easily within the budget.

Tracking Service

Price range from hundreds to thousands, depends on the job’s duration, location and complexity. We can instantly report to clients through calls/whatsapp.

Generally speaking, if the targets’ activities are in the daytime, transport by foot or by public vehicles, the service charges would relatively be lower.

If the targets’ activities are in night time, or they drive their own vehicle or travel abroad, the service charges would relatively be higher.

Missing Persons and Locates:

Charges on each piece of information are around HKD$2000-$5000.

It would be charged according to the complexity of obtaining the piece of information. If the client could provide useful and detailed information, we could use relatively less time and resources, then the service charge would be lower.

Surveillance – Recording/monitoring service:

In this service, professional equipments are used. In order to ensure the effectiveness and the preciseness of our investigation, we suggest our clients must let us examine the site environment or provide the photos of the site, so we could choose the best equipment.

Generally speaking, charges of using a set of pinhole camera monitoring system per 3 days will be around HKD$1500-$3000.

Counter Surveillance

Depends on the area. If the area is 3000 feet or above, a separate quotation will be arranged.

500-1000 Feet 2000-3000 HKD
1000-3000 Feet 3000-5000 HKD
3000 Feet or above Quotation will be arranged separately.