About Us

Hong Kong’s Premier Private Detective Agency

Our Core Values:

  1. Absolute confidential
  2. Guarantee to complete missions
  3. Clear-cut service charge

Supporting you in more ways

Y.C.I.P.D Private Investigation Agency provides you a full-service private detective service. We aim to solve your problem by our excellent ability of analysis, advanced professional equipment and keen observation. After finding out your problem, we will provide evidence that favours you and deliver you an effective solution.

For private matters such as the location of missing persons, investigation of potential infidelity or checking in on your children, there’s no better choice than Y.C.I.P.D. We pride ourselves on our discretion and our attention to detail, ensuring that your matter is quickly and professionally resolved. We strive to keep the cost of our private detective services low, so more people can access the help they need.

The choice of local businesses

Y.C.I.P.D Private Investigation Agency provides private investigation and business investigation services. Given our professionalism, we can efficiently help to provide you a solution to facilitate your business’ operation and protect your organisation. We understand the diverse range of threats facing businesses in Hong Kong – from disloyal employees to insurance fraud, intellectual property theft and misuse of company resources – and strive to better secure your company against them. Lax security procedures can be a serious cost to any company – our private detectives help you protect your assets. Whether you’re concerned about a future threat or are looking for assistance in investigating a previous crime, we have the solution for you.

We are a leading company in the business field. We have experienced investigators, advanced professional investigative equipments. We save your time to solve the problem and we are your best partner! Given our professionalism, we can efficiently help to provide you a solution to facilitate your business operation and keep harmony in your family.

Start a conversation with our team today on 24-hour hotline on 23610938/67471965, or send us an enquiry via email at ycipd1@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.