Business Investigation

Employee Loyalty Investigation Service Areas:

  1. Pre-employment investigation to understand the conduct, ability, education, employment, social relations and other background information of the applicants.
  2. Investigation of specific employees during work, spare time activities, behavior and contacts in specific events, work performance, role and so on.
  3. Investigate the work, living conditions of salespersons and overseas representatives. For example, work attitude and efficiency. Also, investigate the cost of living and entertainment, whether it is with diligence, morality and quality.
  4. Theft, destruction, violation of discipline and law of internal workers. Will conduct case investigation.
  5. Senior management staff and staff who is going to promote – Their ability, conduct, contribution, values, loyalty, credibility and so on will be investigated.
  6. Staff loyalty test – Check whether employees leaked news, desired to change job, corruption, bribery and other illegal acts.
  7. Investigation on employee’s job changes

If majority of employees in your company are looking for alternative jobs, it is hard for the company to be successful. Employee loyalty investigation is crucial to the enterprise competitiveness. In your business, are your employees loyal? Are they serious and responsible, or perfunctory? Are you worrying or suspecting members of the management level? Why does the budget cost exceed the standard budget? Whether there is corruption? What’s the satisfaction level of employee towards the company? With rapid social and economic growth, people’s demand are getting higher. Employees’ thoughts and decisions are important for the company’s future. Employee is a crucial element of a company, it does matter and it even decides the survival of a company. As a boss, do you really understand your employees? In order to maintain the growth of the company, you do need to focus on them.

The Importance and Necessity of Employee Background Investigation
According to a survey from Authorized Organization, the resume that half of the applicants in Hong Kong and China provided has difference with their actual working and learning experiences. They mainly exaggerate their education levels, working experience and performance, and also conceal their past mistakes and true intention of applying the job.
Therefore, employee background investigation is important, and this is a part that is increasingly essential for international corporations.
For core positions, corporations will hire some private investigators to probe into their backgrounds, working experiences, learning experiences, colleagues evaluations, professional ethics and business performance. The investigation will also be personal and we can know further about their working ability, credit status etc. The investigation can help to alleviate the risk of personnel loss, technology leakage and capital management. In fact, sometimes the senior employee hired will possibly be the spy from your competitors’ company. The employee background investigation will include units in the financial, technical, marketing, procurement, storage, personnel, secretarial, network management, back office and other specific positions, as well as intermediate management candidates.
Let’s imagine – If candidates are from your competitors’ company, your company will be vulnerable to great damage.

The differences between simple and professional background checks are:
Simple employee background check - Investigation can be operated by the HR department of the corporate .
Professional background investigations - Most recruitment companies will ask for our help to conduct the professional background investigations on their senior employees. When the corporation deals with the employee background check, it will mostly be time-consuming, and they also cannot ensure the results to be objective. As many employees are from their competitors’ companies, recruitment department is hard to gain support from their previous working places for work information, sometimes, they may even receive some misleading information.